Trend Alert: Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

Have you noticed the trend of mismatched dining room chairs? it may sound odd if you’re used to matching dining sets, but once you see some of the fantastic examples on Pinterest you’ll fall in love just like I did! It really is a fun eclectic look that, done right, looks fantastic! Want to see how?

Same chair, different color Using these chairs I found on Chairish you can easily spray paint each chair a different color and place them around a neutral table, as seen in this awesome example on Pinterest!

EXAMP 1 Pinterest x

Found on Pinterest

different chairs, same color Completely opposite of example #1, find different chairs like this one, this one, or this one and paint them all the same color! This example is good for all you savvy thrift shoppers out there! Find sturdy chairs that you adore and just spray paint them in your favorite hue!

EXAMP 2 Pinterest x

Found on Pinterest

modern twist Not into the boho-chic vibe from examples 1 & 2? Try pairing unique head chairs on the ends of a rectangular table with quieter guest chairs or different colored head chairs like this example from Pinterest. Again, you can find gorgeous styles and colors from Chairish.

EXAMP 3 Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to play with colors and textures, and make the space glow with your personality!

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