What makes us different? 

We don’t care whether you ever remodel or buy a new sofa.

We don’t care if your home meets some arbitrary standard of ‘taste,’ and we never impose our personal taste on our clients. We want your home to work for you, and to help you succeed in life.

We have a get-it-done, don’t over-complicate it kind of attitude.

We try to help our clients keep perspective during the project. True design-emergencies are rare, and your health, happiness, and marriage is always more important than the color of the carpet.

We specialize in transition design.

We help re-create spaces in homes after divorce, empty nesting, remarrying, career shifts, and relocations.  As life changes, make sure you live in a space that supports your future, and doesn’t keep you stuck in the past.

Our Services

Quick-Action Session

90-minute in-person sessions to save the world... or your room!

An in-home session where a design superstar comes to your home, addresses your burning design questions, and gives detailed guidance to set you on a targeted path to home-happiness.


Design Collab

Want to co-design your space? Big or small, let's design it together!

Not quite ready to hand over the design-reins to a stranger? Have tons of ideas, inspiration, and Pinterest boards (& maybe some control issues)? No prob! Let’s design it together!


The Works

“Soup to Nuts” full design plans for spaces that need a complete overhaul!

This is the whole enchilada! Complete, fully executable design plan for your room(s) with floor plans, finishes, and furnishings chosen from an assortment of retail establishments just for you.