Toss the dead plants!

Dead plants suck the life out of your living room. Toss them!

Plants are super! Maybe you should have some in your home?

People in environments that include natural plants show better creative problem-solving skills.

In hospitals, patients heal faster in hospital rooms with a natural view.

Employees who work in environments with interior plants report being more satisfied with their jobs and have fewer sick days.

Plants improve indoor air quality and reduce noise pollution.

Prisoners who have access to gardens develop better social relationships.

The take-away? Plants in your environment are good for you.

That said, if you have dead, brown, or wilting plants in your space, or dusty, sticky fake plants in tiny, tippy woven baskets… please, for the love of all that is good in the world… Throw. Them. Out.

Having *no plant* is better than having a dead plant.

Why? Because if a lush plant sends a message of growth, vitality, love and life, a dying plant evokes, well… death, sickness, sadness, and general failure.

So, if you’re space feels shabby to you, bring in some flowers or a thriving little plant. It will pay dividends by improving air quality, reducing general stress, and creating a sense of a tended, cared-for space. But if that plant fails to thrive, or when the flowers fade, be okay with letting go. Give the plant to a friend with a brighter window or a green thumb, and compost the flowers. A plant is only as good as the life it brings to your space.

Please, toss your dead plants.

Hi! I’m Rebecca West.

I’m not your classic interior designer because, frankly, I don’t care if you buy a new sofa. I do care if your home supports your goals and feels like “you.” Remember, happy starts at home!