Can you get me discounts on furniture?
Rarely, because we are shopping retail (like Room and Board, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, even Overstock). Some places will offer a discount if you are “working with a designer” and if that is the case we are happy to pass that discount on to you, but generally you will be paying retail (though we always have our eyes open for sale prices!)

Do you purchase stuff for us?
Nope, and that is a good thing! Why? Because it means no markups on the products and, more importantly, we are not biased towards selling you more expensive furniture just because we’d get a commission. Letting you purchase directly means you can really trust our advice.

Do you project manage?
Nope. We work with people who aren’t afraid to make the purchases and work directly with the contractor to get the project done. They just need help creating a great and executable plan, and don’t need the cost or markups that would come from traditional interior design and project management.

Do we get to shop with you?
Many of our full room designs are done without ever stepping a foot in a store with our clients, but if you want to shop together, you bet we can! Coaching sessions are set up just for this purpose, so if you want to shop together, that is one of the services for you!

What if we don’t like the plan?
Before we start we assign our clients homework so that before we design we are confident that we are speaking the same visual language. If we both do our jobs well this is unlikely to be a problem, but after the initial presentation we always allow time to adjust the design and make changes so that it is a better fit for your home and your vision.

Do you recommend contractors?
We are always excited to work with new contractors and to meet your favorite people, but if you are not yet working with a contractor we are happy to refer some of the great folks we regularly work with. Need a contractor, electrician, painter, or appliance installer? We know great people!

What if all I need is a little help with layout or accessories?
Q-A Sessions are designed just for this – we can shop online together from your home or we can roll up our sleeves and move things around to create an insta-shift in your space!

I just bought some furniture, will you make me start from scratch?

No way! We have lots of clients who have pieces that are new, come from family, or that they just really like. We never dictate what stays or goes, we just help you pull it all together. We start wherever you want, whether that’s just choosing a new paint color, or embarking on an A-to-Z remodel.

What if after my qa i want to continue my project as either the works or a design collab?

No problem! Whatever work we have already accomplished together during the QA will just put you ahead of the game and reduce the scope, and therefore the cost, of your full design.