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Think about it.

City Planners talk about the social impact of urban planning. Architects discuss the power of space on healing rates of patients in well-designed hospitals. But home design discussions often get relegated to “this trend” and “that color of the year” and “look what you can buy to be happy.” BLEGH.

If the organization of our streets can impact community interaction, or the architecture of a hospital can influence healing, think about how the design of your home can seriously impact YOUR life.

When we leave home design in the hands of the fashion police, we pass up the opportunity to harness the power that resides in our homes and truly have a HUGE positive impact on our lives.

Speaker, design psychology coach, and author Rebecca West
knows that happiness starts at home.

Our sense of self, our ability to go confidently into the world, our compassion, and our courage all grow from the foundation that holds up the very walls of our family home.

And she’s on a mission to empower her audiences to get happier, healthier, and more successful just by taking back control of the design of their home. (Throw pillows included!)

Rebecca teaches men and women how to use everything from paint colors to light fixtures to create a room that that truly feels like home without having to break the bank or toss out their entire Dr. Who figurine collection. She offers simple solutions to declutter, organize, and design that leaves the audience feeling inspired and empowered to make a tangible change in their lives, relationships, and careers, all by building a space where they can thrive.

Design is more than just fluff and glitter. (Although, Rebecca does dig glitter.)

It’s powerful. It’s transformative. It’s essential.

HELP! my husband HAs NO TASTE!

The Takeaway

Learn to uncover the design preferences of *both* your spouse and yourself, and learn effective tools to:

  • communicate clearly about design
  • speak up for your preferences
  • ensure you both feel happy in your home

The Big picture

Actually, we all have taste. Just like both you and your spouse know whether you prefer turkey or tofu for dinner, you can identify what you like when you see it. What you may be lacking is a language to describe your preferences, and the confidence to speak up about it.

Let’s discover ways to “talk” about design (hint, it doesn’t involve as much talking as you might think) and get on the same page about what you want, whether that is with your spouse, or with your designer, architect, or contractor.


Men and women who want to understand their own design instincts, or who want to get on the same page with their partner.

Also for:

Design students who want to understand and honor their future clients’ tastes.

stand out from the crowd: finding your #brandhappy


The Takeaway

Identify your 5 personal brand anchors and put them to work so you can:

  • communicate more clearly with your customers
  • achieve more of your business goals
  • stand out from the crowd in a noisy world!

The Big picture 

From your wall colors to your wardrobe, your personal environment impacts your professional success.

This talk offers practical advice on how to be more successful, feel more confident, and leave a long-lasting impression on everyone you meet (at networking events and beyond) using the tools you have right at your fingertips!

Be inspired to go home and make the changes you need to launch your next chapter.


Established entrepreneurs, aspiring professionals, and anyone looking to rev up their brand.

THE COLOR OF MONEY: Design essentials for entrepreneurs

The Takeaway

We’ll explore 3 key ways the design of your workspace impacts your bottom line:

  • your client count and your income
  • your professional prestige and expert status
  • your stamina and professional drive

then identify practical changes you can make so that your professional environment works *for* (not against) you.

The Big picture

Regardless of whether you work from home or from a professional office, your professional design choices matter. From your wall colors, to your signage, to your stationary and your clothing, your choices are either adding or subtracting from your success. We’ll explore the impact they might be having, choices that can give you immediate positive results, and what questions to ask yourself to set the stage for extraordinary success.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Wondering what to ask Rebecca?

Here are some of our favorite interview questions!

Every year in January people set goals and resolutions for the new year, but we know most of those will be broken by February. In your book Happy Starts at Home you say that the design of your home can help you keep those resolutions. Can the design of my kitchen really help me lose weight, sleep better, or find love?

You also say that our homes can actually sabotage our success. Can you give me an example of how a home might hold you back or keep you unhappy?

You talk about what to do if your spouse or partner has horrible taste. Are you giving people permission to get rid of their spouse’s favorite recliner?

What advice do you have for someone who really hates their space and the things in it, but they feel like they don’t have the money to make a change?

What is your favorite story of how changing a space changed someone’s situation?

What is the most important thing people need to understand about their space?

It seems like there is a current craving for simplicity and happiness. Why do you think that is?