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Learn to identify your personal design style and speak up for what you want in life

Everyone has an internal design compass and it’s time to discover yours! Stop thinking you “have no taste,” learn to flex your confidence muscles, and take home tools for speaking up for what you want in all areas of your life

The takeaway

Empowering tools for discovering not only your personal design style, but also the ability to identify and speak up for all your preferences and needs.

For: Any person or group looking for a new tool in the quest for more confidence and quality of life.


Unique ways to develop a personal brand that go beyond your wardrobe

Practical advice for creating a personal brand that helps you be more successful, feel more confident, and leave a long-lasting impression on everyone you meet.

The takeaway

Pragmatic ideas on where to start when branding or rebranding for work or for pleasure.

For: Aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to rev up their personal life.


Design essentials for entrepreneurs of all kinds

No matter whether your new office is in your home or up in a highrise, and regardless of whether you work in isolation or regularly invite clients and colleagues into your workspace, your professional design choices impact your bottom line. Learn which questions to ask (and answer) as you set the stage for extraordinary success.

The takeaway

Practical information on why design affects your bottom line, and how to make it work in your favor.

For: Entrepreneurs and business owners.

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