The Works

  • You’ve been trying for years to get it right on your own but it’s just not happening. You have a couple pieces you love but for whatever reason, you just can’t seem to pull the room together.
  • You know what you like when you see it, but you’re not a designer. You don’t know where the heck to start, you’re overwhelmed with all the paint swatches, fabric options, or the thought of varnish fumes and even if you had the talent, you just don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own. You need HELP!
  • Sprucing up your space has been on your list FOREVER. You’re not at all afraid of some project management or shopping, but the design piece just IS NOT for you. You need a map, a plan, to follow!

You’re finally ready. Ready to let go of whatever you’re not loving in your space (whether it’s the bed you once shared with your ex, paint colors you’ve hated since the day you moved in, or Aunt Susan’s chest of drawers) and make your space WORK for you.

You’re ready to have a comprehensive custom design drawn up for your room (or rooms!) by a professional so you can get this show on the road!

“The Works” design plans give you a road map for
bringing life back into your space so you
actually want to hang out in your home!

Now remember, unlike many designers who make their income selling you product and managing the project, we focus on DESIGN, not implementation. That means you get clear, detailed plans and shopping lists so you can execute our design seamlessly. We only shop retail so when it comes time for you to buy, it’s easy peasy. No highfalutin, nose-in-the-air, desingery shopping (or price tags) required. #yourewelcome




Contact Us to fill out our interest form! (We CAN’T WAIT to connect with you!)

Roll out the red carpet, we’re coming over! At our 45 minute initial consult, one of our team members will come to your home to get to know you, see the space you’d like to reinvent and hear what you have to say. We’re incredibly invested in understanding your story and the wishes you have for your space, so prepare to spill the beans. Before we come over we’ll send you some ideas for getting ready for our meeting to make it as efficient and illuminating as possible.

After the consultation we’ll take a few days to consider what we learned to figure out 1) if we are the right team to help, 2) what it will take from us to create an amazing design plan for your space, and 3) just what that will cost. We don’t like to surprise our clients with unexpected bills, so we set a flat fee for the design process from the very start. Then we’ll send that scope and agreement your way, and if we are on the same page, we’ll schedule the measurement meeting and dig into the design!

Want to know more about what the process itself looks like? Check out this “what to expect” PDF that we include with every design estimate.

Investment starts at $2,850.


Great question! It depends on how involved in the design process you want to be. Design Collab is perfect for people who don’t want to give up creative control, and need to see ALL the options, really LOVE to be involved in design, but don’t want to get it wrong, and have the *time*to invest in designing their space.

The Works is better suited for people who get overwhelmed when they face too many options, and are good at making decisions when presented with *edited* options, do *not* like to shop and *don’t* think designing is fun, but really want to love the space they live in, and do NOT have the time to design and need someone else doing all the selections behind the scenes. With Design Collab, we design with you. With The Works, we design for you.

Still not sure? Reach out and tell us a bit about your project, and we can help you figure out which service is the best fit.


You. Are. The. Boss. Your home is YOUR space and we want YOU to love it. At RWI, we listen to you and use our expertise to support YOUR vision. That said, *please* look at our portfolio and make sure you like what we do!

Have more questions? No problem! Read our other FAQs or contact us we’ll hop on email to answer all of your Qs!

You are a joy to work with.  

You have extraordinary design talent,
listen carefully to our needs and ideas,
and mix in touches of your own which add to the uniqueness and excitement of the results.

Roger Parker