Quick-Action Session

  • Have ideas but wonder “can they really work in my space?” You need some validation from a pro before you turn your home into a Pinterest experiment or drop six figures on a remodel.
  • Know that you want to entertain more, but are afraid of what your friends really think of your house.
  • Recently (or not recently!) had a housemate leave/move out (kids went to college, got divorced, kicked out your obnoxious roomie) and are ready to make your space YOURS!
  • Have so much stuff and no idea where it should all go. Except maybe the dumpster… but, no, wait! Aunt Betty gave you that!
  • You’re worried you don’t have the time, the taste, or the talent.

Well, your worries end HERE.

In our Quick Action Session, we’ll have 90-minutes to put big, fat check marks by all (or at least most of) the design questions on your list. (Trust us. It’s AH-MAZING how much we can accomplish in an hour and a half!)

During the session, we’ll ask you questions that help us understand your vision for your room. (If you don’t have one, we’ll discover it together.) We’ll talk through the things you dig about your room, the things you want to change, and help you get clear on which steps to take next revamp your room.

This is your chance to have full access to our designer brains
to analyze your space and 
come up with a PLAN.

You’re more than welcome to record our session and we encourage you to take lots of notes as we go! The designer will be sharing tons of ideas with you and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

After we wrap up, all you’ll have to do is TAKE ACTION! (And don’t worry, you’ll be so inspired after our session that you’ll be running to the store!)

The cost for a 90-minute Quick-Action Session
that will leave you hopeful, focused, and empowered
to design a space you love is just $265.*

*Want to save a little money and still get great professional design advice? Ask about a QA session with an RWI Junior Designer for just $175!



Now everyday is a new day.
You gave our home life, cohesiveness,
functionality and more space.

Katy Gilberts