Design Collab

  • Are sick of researching help online. It feels like you’re just reading article after article and aren’t a single step closer to a happier home.
  • Are excited to DIY your space but want to make sure you have a strong plan in place, so you don’t ‘eff it up! OR you’re ready to hire a contractor but a terrified you won’t know how to communicate what you want!
  • Know what you like but are hesitant on pulling the trigger. You want to upgrade your space, but are terrified of making the wrong choices. You want someone to pat you on the back and say ‘go for it!’ (or even tell you a better way!)

Look, embarking on a home project is a BIG DEAL that can feel COMPLETELY overwhelming, even if you have some general ideas of what you want.

But don’t fret. This is exactly what DesignCollab is all about!

With this Package, we work with you side-by-side
to come up with a creative vision for the space. 

With Design Collab you are the creative director and we are your design coaches. You bring the inspiration we bring our experience and expertise and together we develop an executable design plan for your new happy home!

Now, each collab is unique, but here’s a typical schedule you can expect after our initial consultation:

Measurement Meeting: This one’s pretty darn simple. One of our staff members will come to your space to measure it in detail and take “before” photos. (It’s so fun to see the transformation!)

Space Planning Meeting: We map out your space and figure out what’s needed in your new layout! Furniture, cabinets, kicking down a wall…we work together to come up with a plan!

Materials Selection Meeting: Field trip time! We head to a materials shop (tile, carpet, etc.) to choose colors for your design and the materials we’ll use!

Fixtures Selection Meeting: This meeting is all about choosing fixtures and exciting details like cabinet hardware and couch pillows. Yay! Shopping!

Review Meeting: Our team works behind the scenes to compile all the information and detail out the plans, elevations, and other notes you’ll need to successfully execute your project. This will either be created for YOU to DIY or help communicate to your contractor*.

*We are happy to share the name of our favorite contractors with you!

Your investment starts at $1,900.

1) You fill out an interest form so we can get a general sense of your project and if it’s a fit!

2) Before our initial consultation meeting, you’ll go to and create an ‘ideabook’ of TEN rooms you love. This way we can get an overall vibe of the room you want!

3) After the consult, we’ll map out a plan of meetings needed to take you from an idea to a ready-to-go design! We’ll send everything over for you to check out along with exact prices so you can stay on budget. (Mmmm, we love a good budget.)

4) As soon as you approve the scope, we’ll work some calendar magic and then dive in and start working together to develop the creative vision for your space!

5) Our team creates a step-by-step plan for you or your contractor to complete your design.

6) You are off to the races!

Should I pick the Design Collab or The Works?

Great question! It depends on how involved in the design process you want to be. Design Collab is perfect for people who don’t want to give up creative control and need to see “all” the options, LOVE to design but don’t want to get it wrong and have the *time* to design with us.

The Works is better suited for people who get overwhelmed when they face too many options, and are good at making decisions when presented with edited options, do not like to shop and don’t think designing is fun, but who do want to love the space they live in, and don’t have the time to design and need someone else doing all the selections behind the scenes. Design Collab – We design WITH you. With The Works – We design FOR you.

Not gonna lie, my taste is a little… nontraditional.
Are you going to actually let me lead or will I end up with a cookie-cutter living room?

You. Are. The. Boss. Your home is YOUR space and we want YOU to love it. At RWI, we listen to you and use our expertise to support YOUR vision. That said, *please* look at our portfolio {click here} and make sure you like what we do!

Have more questions? No problem! Read our other FAQs or contact us we’ll hop on email to answer all of your Qs!


Now everyday is a new day.
You gave our home life, cohesiveness,
functionality and more space.

Katy Gilberts