Save a Tree and Your Sanity: Online Billing

Want to save a tree and your sanity? Go paperless on your bills.

In our busy lives, paper mail piles up quickly on the counters, and bills can easily be lost amongst the junk mail and take-out menus. In this digital age, why get your bills in the mail? In all likelihood you’re already paying your bills online, so finish out the cycle and receive your bill online, too!

save a tree go paperlessThe three benefits to this change are:

Environmental Impact
Paperless statements and e-billing saves paper. The average American family tosses 2,460 pounds of paper annually, so with something as simple as paperless billing you can make an impact.

Better Organization and stable finances
Keeping your home free of excess paperwork can lead to a financial payoff: Harris Interactive reports that 23% of adults lose bills and then incur fees because payments are late. With paperless  statements it can be easier to keep track of your bills (unless your inbox is overflowing – but that’s for another blog post).

Greater Security
Last year 9.9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft, some a direct result of stolen mail. Paperless statements and automatic billing lessens the possibility of such theft, putting you in greater control of your information.

Paper statements pile up and create clutter, making them easy to misplace, or worse, wind up in the wrong hands. Paperless statements and e-billing (consider automatic billing to truly eliminate an item on your to-do list) help create peace of mind that your bills will get paid while helping to conserve the environment.

The RWI “Do 1 Thing” Campaign is meant for those of us facing the overwhelm of too much on our to-do list. As the saying goes “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Take a moment each day to make one little change at home, and in no time at all you’ll find yourself less overwhelmed, feeling calmer, and magically more equipped to accomplish more in your life than you ever dreamed possible. Just do one thing.

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