Inspire your home by getting away (virtually)

Eager for an adventure? Even if you aren’t able to hop a plane this moment and get away, taking a virtual vacation can be a great way to explore new ideas for your own home.

If you are ready to “bon voyage” then I can’t wait to share these places with you and encourage you to leave boring hotel-beige long behind! I believe the place you sleep should add as much to your travel adventure as the location itself!

Favorite #1: This Amsterdam rental proves that bold lighting can make a room! Forget boring light fixtures. Why not make your lighting double as art in your room? It might mean spending up on your chandelier, but you’ll need very little else in the room to make a bold statement!

bold orange light in eclectic apartment

AirBNB in Amsterdam

Favorite #2: This Paris rental shows that pink is perfectly awesome and proves that a splash of color can be a game-changer! An all-neutral space can easily go too plain and look like any other impersonal space.  This bold splash of raspberrypink really sets this space apart from other rooms, while all the neutral in the rest of the space makes the color easy to live with.

bold pink bathroom in paris apartment

AirBNB in Paris

Favorite #3: This Paris AirBNB shows that unique flooring can create a stand-out space! Why let the walls have all the fun? Sure, it’s a long-term commitment, but why not use all that real-estate under your feet to make a beautiful statement in your home? With floors like these, who needs art on the walls?

patterned tile floors cement encaustic floor tiles

AirBNB in Paris

Favorite #4: This London AirBNB shows that you can make the most of a small space using well-placed mirrors. Did you notice that the lights are actually embedded into a wall mirror? Remember, a mirror is only as good as the view it reflects, so avoid putting one over the fireplace if all you are going to get is a lot more ceiling in the reflection!

mirrors make small space look larger

AirBNB in London

Favorite #5: This 13th century watchtower in Tuscany shows that with age comes awesomeness. Sure, a 700-year-old fixer-upper may be a DIY nightmare, but there is nothing that compares with hand-hewn timber ceilings and  the knowledge that a building has lived centuries longer than you have. (I actually got to stay in this gem, and it was as magical as it looks! I felt like Rapunzel for a week, minus the evil witch. It was awesome!)

magical fairytale princess tower

AirBNB in Tuscany

As you travel, collect pictures of the wonderful places you visit. Whether it’s the lobby of the Bellagio in Vegas or your Aunt’s place in the woods in Vermont, if it holds magic for you, let’s see if we can bring some of that magic home! If you need help interpreting your magical travel spaces into at-home reality, drop me a note. Sometimes it just takes thinking outside the box.

May your home (and your home-away-from-home) always be happy!

Hi! I’m Rebecca West.

I’m not your classic interior designer because, frankly, I don’t care if you buy a new sofa. I do care if your home supports your goals and feels like “you.” Remember, happy starts at home!