Have you ever thought about how your living space affects your life? When you look at the things in your home, are you filled with joy, or with frustration? Your house isn’t a showpiece meant to impress other people: it’s supposed to be your home—a place that serves and supports you. Is your home doing its job?

In Happy Starts at Home, I show you how to put your home to work for you and use it as a tool to achieve your goals and dreams!

This book will help you

• understand the impact of your home and work space on your life;
• connect your financial, emotional, and physical health to your space;
• spend money more wisely on your house;
• identify changes you can make to feel happier in your home.

Put an end to the cycle of buying “stuff” to redo your house without having meaning behind it. Discover what is holding you back in your home and take action to make needed changes. It’s time to love your home and use it as a launchpad for your best life!

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This just what I needed – I felt stuck in a house that I can’t afford to sell but can’t stand living in. Now I feel empowered to make it a new home just for me.

Patricia Sherman

I’ve read a number of other books on organizing and home design, including the latest by Marie Kondo, and they all left me feeling overwhelmed and unable to take action in my home. Ms. West’s approach is optimistic and encouraging, so as soon as I read Happy Starts At Home, I not only decided it was time to make some changes but felt so empowered that I actually did it! That very weekend I cleared out a bunch of stuff from my house and felt great about it!

Janet Meijer

Thank you so much for this book! Not only did I love the tips, but my husband and I dove right in to the exercises and discovered at least a dozen things we could take action on right away. It was like you gave us new glasses and we could really see our home for the first time. I have hope now that we’ll finally love being at home, together.

Terry James