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I was skeptical! But this was a very pleasant experience!

It’s usually hard for me to relax but listening to this mediation I was able to let go and leave my desk! I went to a lovely cottage on the beach with the forest near by, filled with lots of warm sun. I was able to see all the colors and textures that make me feel at home. Not all specific details but the overall plan. I felt a little sadness that my home doesn’t look like this image completely, and I wished I could have stayed all day!

Mara V.


Guided meditations are the only thing that help me slow down and breathe. This one in particular took me to a very restful place (for me it’s a treehouse in an expansive forest, with nothing but a giant bed covered in white pillows and a fluffy feather comforter) and I came away knowing that I needed to create a spot for myself in the house where I could feel calmer. It’s nice to have such an easy way to get clarity around what I need and come away with small actionable steps! I’ll be back!

Sophie W.