Eclectic Style – how to shop for yourself and your home

Many of you know that about three years ago I banished black from my wardrobe (believe it or not, I was just featured in an article in Success Magazine for this very fact!). Since I made this change I’ve made sure that my home, my clothes, and even my car reflect my love of color. Having that cohesiveness makes it easier to really be me. 

I was chatting about that with my colleague Tannya Bernadette (a fashion consultant and personal shopper) and we started talking about how our home style can be influenced by our personal style, and vice versa. Out of that conversation came this post from the lovely Tannya:

You’ve probably heard “eclectic” used to describe a design style, but what does it really mean? Does it mean you can wear anything you want? We’ll kind of, but there is a line between thrown-together and thoughtfully-mixed.

An eclectic style, whether in your home or in your wardrobe, requires décor and accessories that inspire and really speak to you. Pieces must tell stories, prints must catch the eye, and designs must be unordinary. Nothing is likely to match but, when well-done, things will relate, just like in a wonderfully led orchestra. An eclectic home might include abstract paintings, Chinoiserie wallpaper, un-matching (yet cohesive) furniture, and a mix of prints. An eclectic wardrobe might hold special pieces of jewelry from various designers, printed blouses in vintage or new styles, colorful shoes to match an equally colorful personality, and a variety of jacket styles because having many options makes the eclectic wardrobe seem larger than it is. How can you embrace your inner eclectic?

Romantic Eclectic Style for your home or wardrobe

Romantic Eclecticism

  1. Anthropologie // Lucite Bar Cart $698
  2. J Crew // Crystal Flower Necklace $88
  3. DVF // Ibiza Lucite Heel $348
  4. Kate Spade // Emerson Place Lawren Bag $398

Shopping tip #1: When aiming for eclectic design, Trust your feelings

If something sparks your attention from afar and ignites happiness or a feel-good sensation, it’s likely a must-have piece. Every time you wear that piece of clothing or see that item in your home, you will spark that happy feeling. There may be no rhyme or reason as to why each item makes you feel the way you do, but imagine how wonderful you will feel if your closet and home are filled with such special pieces! The key is to listen to your heart. If you love it, it will make you glow. If someone else loves it, but you don’t, it will just be a burden. Let the things you don’t love (or no longer love) go off to charity — someone else will find and love those items!

Refined Eclectic Style for your home or wardrobe

Refined Eclecticism

  1. Pottery Barn // Pasadena Upholstered Sofa $1,699 – $2,999
  2. Nine West // Tulip Sandal $39.95
  3. Nordstrom // Cascade Cluster Earrings $32
  4. White House Black Market // Lace Bodice Blouse $98
  5. White House Black Market // Stripe Taffeta Skirt $150

SHOPPING TIP #2: generally, Avoid boring basics!

Don’t ever settle or buy something just to fill in a gap. If you find yourself settling for a matching furniture suite or a practical but plain dress, your inner eclectic will rebel and refuse to be happy in that living room or little black dress. Fear of spending money or making a wrong decision can steer us away from what we want, but getting something just because it’s practical is actually a waste of money for the eclectic person. You’ll own the item, but you likely won’t wear or use it. Let go of the fear and shop confidently. Keep the receipts and give yourself a week to make an awesome outfit with that new blouse or an awesome reading nook with those new throw pillows.

Playful Eclectic Design for your Home or Wardrobe

Playful Eclecticism

  1. Etsy // Waverly Santa Maria Pillows $14.99
  2. Etsy // Vintage Shelf $30
  3. Tradesy // Scuba to Cuba Elsa Top $88.50
  4. Tradesy // Kendra Scott Earrings $27.50
  5. Tradesy // J Crew Espadrille $25

SHOPPING TIP #3: On a budget?

Even if you are on a budget you can still build your dream home and stylish wardrobe. Simply slow down your process and make purchases little by little. Hit up your local thrift store (a treasure chest for the true eclectic) or find great deals online and set an amount you want to spend per month. Have a list of items you want with sizes and colors needed, and purchase them as you find them.

Whether you are on a budget or not, never go shopping when you are in a hurry. As Rebecca says “Design is important, but it’s not an emergency.” Let your room or wardrobe grow over time as you find pieces that really make your heart sing.

It’s great to live in a time when eclectic style is in and we can buy, wear, and decorate with the things that make use happy, putting iconic Midcentury chairs next to a classic farmhouse table, topped with industrial lights.

Eclectic design takes a little more time to pull together, and you have to make sure to press the “edit” button regularly, but we can’t think of a better way to create a room, a wardrobe, and a life, that says “hey world! this is me!”.

To get more style tips and information about Tannya Bernadette Personal Shopping + Styling, check her out at

Moody Eclecticism by Enjoy Home in Moscow

Moody Eclecticism by Enjoy Home in Moscow

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