Bringing the Meditation Retreat Home

Ahhhh, the luxury of a meditation retreat. Time devoted to yourself and your growth. You get to step away from it all, for a moment forgetting your demanding life and 1001 distractions. You’re submerged the warm, bubbly world of zen. Whether you’re at a quiet desert retreat or in the fairytale world of a tropical rainforest, you get to focus 100% on your meditation, self-care, and getting in touch with your inner calm.

Bring the meditation retreat home

Then you come home. And it’s all waiting for you, right where you left it. All the distractions, demands, and do-me lists, along with about a million emails that piled up while you were away.

Wish you could bring the retreat home?

You can! Depending on the state of your home, it might take a little doing, but you don’t have to leave all that calm behind. Here are four things you can do to create a home that supports your self-care and meditation practice:

1. Live simply.

Part of what make a retreat work is the utter lack of distractions. All the stuff we have – projects, toys, paperwork, to do lists – they all have a voice and it gets noisy! Commit to a habit of letting things go. If you are interested in joining my clutter-buddies program, let me know.  A little support can go a long way!

2. Create a room of your own.

It may be too much to overhaul your whole home right now, but try to carve out a small space in your home that is free from clutter and distraction, where you can feel peace just by sitting in the space. In the end our goal is to make your whole home a place that makes you sigh with pleasure instead of frustration, but start by claiming one small territory as your own.

3. Do One Thing.

Take a look at your home-related to-do list. Do one small thing. Change a burnt-out lightbulb. Take the pile by the door to Goodwill. Wipe down the front of the fridge and toss anything stuck to it that it useless or outdated. Once you do the one small thing, celebrate. Do one thing each day, and bit by bit your home will become a haven instead of a hassle.

4. Escape.

If nature was a big part of your retreat, make it easy to get out into nature again. Clear out the coat closet so it only holds the essentials – coats, shoes, dog leashes. The easier it is to go for a walk, the more likely you’ll make time for it!

A welcoming home is part of any good wellness program. Consider the ways you can bring your retreat home and create a place that supports and nourishes you every day you wake up. If you want a tool for helping you figure out just what you need from your home, sign up below and get our free guided meditation designed especially to help you visualize your perfect space.

Here’s to your Happy Home!

Hi! I’m Rebecca West.

I’m not your classic interior designer because, frankly, I don’t care if you buy a new sofa. I do care if your home supports your goals and feels like “you.” Remember, happy starts at home!